Monday, 29 June 2015

Multiplication stratigies

My Reflection 

I  am learning to use Multiplication strategies in my maths.
The hard part was to get the times in the right place because 
you have to use alto of  times in this strategies.
My next step is to learn more times tables to do this kind 
of  strategies in my maths.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Term 2 Week 10

I am really sad today because It is almost the end of the term and I am going to miss school I love school,so much I can not be sick for once in my life not once I am so upset.

I don't want school and ever but I do need a break no I don't want school and that is done. But I do need to have some sleep I am over thinking this I need a break from school now I am so confused .

But school is the reason I wake up in the morning how am I going to wake up but I can use a alarm clock but it's going to be to noise but long store short I don't want school to end.

Maybe I can learn at home as well so I can be ready for school so Then I can be prepped for school  next term. Hay on the bright side I still have a half day and 7 days to go I will make the best of this term.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Term 2 Week 9

This week we were doing speeches in our class room. We were doing this so we can choose who is going to be our 2 people that are going to represent us in the school speech finals in Term 3. 

I was very scared. I really wanted to get in the finals and to see who is the winner. I was so nervous about doing my speech but I sucked it up and I said my speech. I had butterflies in my tummy when I was up there.  I was very shy.  When I herd them saying my name I was scared that they were going to give me bad results on my speech.

But I kept believing in myself and kept on trying, even when I think they don't like it I kept on going. When I was up there I was thinking in my head  please like it please like it and I hoped that they were  going to like it.  And guess what they loved it I was so happy when they loved it.  At the end they clapped I was so happy.   
I was so proud of my self and I was happy. I hope I get picked to be representing my classroom.  I am still waiting...

Friday, 5 June 2015

Hauora Presentation

My Reflection 
I was learning about well being and this is apart of the learning.
The tricky part was when I  had to organize the words in it's write
place because I did the words what they mean and I don't under stand moari well. .
My next step is to learn moari and read the presentation well and not to just read and go I'm Done
 and to just read one by one.

Writing paragraphs

My Reflection

I have been learning to write a paragraph. I now know trick because I did not how to do paragraphs I was very challenge for me.My next step is to write using paragraphs in all my writing.

How the brain works

 My Reflection
I was learning how the brain works.
The easy part was when I can research  because I 
can just momrise it and put it in my own words that BAM! I've got it.
My next step is to get all of this knowledge in my brain.


MY Reflection 
I was learning to read fluently in my reading.
The easy part was when to do the pace it help me the most in my fluency because I 
did not know what was pace until I learnt about that really helps me.
The tricky part was when to read out loud because I  normally read my head
and find it really challenge for me to read out loud. 
My next step is to achalley read out loud and not just read to my self.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Making Conections

 I was learning to make connections with the text, text-text, text-media, text-world and text-self.
Text to self was easy because I had some experience in life.
I got stuck on the media because you have to think about videos, movies and clips.
But I enjoy this learning because I got to learn how to make connections.

Term 2 Week 7

Last week Rm28/29 just started this weekly task .  You know why we are doing because our teachers want us to be able to managing our selfs in stayed of just listening to them.  That is quiet boring for me.  So what we do is they give us a planing sheet then we plan what we are going to do for the rest of the week some of us we don't want the sheet so we just do what we need to do but I feel safe with the sheet and i feel happy with it.  But we have some must do and we have to do workshops from each subject,like maths,reading and writing.  We have a site to go to to get all these kind of links to do our activates.  This really good for my learning because I use to not manage my own self but know Iv'e been push to do best in my learning and to manage my self.  This is the best way to learn in life.