Wednesday, 16 September 2015


March Bang!!!
We were running as hard a we can.  We were jogging,running and walking.  We were all crossing our fingers that it will not rain.  All the year 4's 5's and 6's were running out side school.  We were doing this to see who will be in the inter school cross country team.  Then all of the sudden....

It stared spitting not that hard but we kept on moving and running.  Then it stopped so we went YAY.  Then it stared raining hard out.  Everyone went crazy we lost where we were going.  Then I sign can this get any worse then it just then the wind came ah ah ah .

When the wind came it got even more crazy.  I was running the rain and the wind came running into my face it was painful Mrs M Came.  She told us come on time to go you can do one lap.

We were running quick quick quick.  We were getting tired, but we kept moving and moving.  We were smashing puddles trying to get our self around people that were in our way.

We got to the road then we cross the road down the ally way threw the gate across the school pass the staff room pass the court and back to the class room.

When we got back to class I met my friends.  Then I found my I found my jumper to dry myself while my friends and I were talking.

So after all that was not best day ever but I had a great time.  Anyway did you have a bad day.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom- Michael Morpurgo knowledge of new vocabulary

Kensukes Kingdom Mother and Father interview


I was learning to interview someone and to learn how to interveiw
I had to ask her qeustions and add more and more
I thought it was easy at first because I thought interveiwing would be easy but it was not
My next step is to be the parents our what ever B)

Monday, 14 September 2015

reflect,rotate and translate


I was learning to reflect,rotate and translate
I had to watch a video read and do a worksheet
I thought it was fun because I never done this and I thought it will be hard but it was easy and fun
I chose to share my learning by creating by doing a video
My next step is to learn more advance things about this maths

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Blog Recount


When I woke up this morning by the sun shining in my eyes.  I did not feel like getting out of bed I felt so warm and toasty.  I was so sleepy and warm  But it was such a beautiful day to wake up.

When I got dress I choose my uniform off my chair that I set up last night.  And when I got dress I felt so warm.

When I packed my lunch I packed a juice box,bread,packet of chips,mandarin that is all I packed.  I just fell proud that I've been packing my lunch since this year.

I had cereal it had oats and that is all I remember I I got some juice on the side and some milk with my cereal.  I had my breakfast at the dinning table,  The sun shinning on the table.  I ate with my dad and my brother.  My dad was reading the news paper and me and my brother were talking.

So My Morning was a great morning and I cannot wait until  school starts...

Geometry 3D shapes


I was learning Geometry 3D shapes
I had to Watch a video and watch a slide show to learn this
I thought it was Amazing because I thought I knew this but I learn t something from this
I chose to share my learning by creating google doc
My next step is to try advance learning in Geometry

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

fractions of a set

I was learning to do fractions of a set
I had to watch a slideshow try some practice questions and come to a workshop
I thought it was fun because I was interesting that I thought I had know Idea but I had all sorts of Ideas
I chose to share my learning by creating A google drawing
My next step is to try bigger ones and higher numbers