Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Jobs For Y6

My Reflection

These are my badges House captain and a wet day monitor. I will start with my House Captain badge having that job comes with great Responsibility and I take my job very serous. The jobs that come with it is giving up a lunch time and doing the sport trolley and collecting the house points. And last but not least my house color is Green Kauri. My next job is Wet day monitor being a wet day monitor is very  very hard you have to very trusted and the kids must love you. My partner is Norah and my Wet day class is rm 5 and I love that class. So you can see these are some of my jobs but trust me you don't what else I have.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Reciprocal Reading - Clarifying and Questioning


In class we have been learning to clarify what we read.  We have also been learning to write ‘I wonder’ questions to help us understand what we read.  
I learnt That Korowai cloaks are very very important to Maori cultrue.
I enjoyed Learning about the Maori culture.
Next I want to get better in my Clarifying