Thursday, 19 November 2015

Ways people speak

I was learning to use word instead of said.
I thought this would be easy but it was very hard because I am very use to using said.
My next step is to try to use less said.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015



I was learning about collage.
I thought this would be easy but it's was tricky because I kept making mistakes.
I think co-lodge is very culture to me and fun. 


I was learning to glide free style and be safe in the pool..
I thought this would be hard because i'm not a great swimmer.
My next step is to try to be the greatest swimmer than i can be.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Term 4 Week 6

Fantastic Friday
On Friday it was fantastic Friday. But it was different it was a assembly. To show all the work we have been doing for the past 5 weeks. I was so excited to see what people have been doing.

First we had the Arts and crafts group they had. Little bag with owls it looked amazing. They were so cute. It was amazing ,it looks so hard but fun as well. I want to try that sometime. The arts and craft they did  looks amazing.

Next we had the cool science group. They had a slideshow and it had all there learning on it. They had videos and photos. First they showed us some cool stuff. First they had a circle shaped peace of paper, in different ways like curled hocked together different ways ,Then they stared cutting and when they finish it split in to different ways.

Then we had the ukulele group. They sound wonderful I loved there song they did, it sound so nice. I wish I could play that myself.

After that The Bollywood dance group came up. And they showed some of there moves it was amazing they even dress up. They put a lot of effete into this dance.  It was very interesting and fun to me I want to try that

Then  Kappa Hakka group came up. They showed us the Hakka and some great moves to the songs. They did amazing awesome job and also my brother was in it he was awesome.
Last but not least the African bead work. Which I'm in we showed our X mas tree with all our fabulous work and our little video at the end.

After all then fun it was morning tea time. And I really think we all did a great amazing work fantastic Friday.

Fractured fariy tale 2

I was learning to write a fractured fairy tale.
I thought this would be easy because sit's your
 own story anything can happen.
My next step is to make my own book about and show others
and help them to do this.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Animal scavenger hunt

I was learning about how animals live some fun facts about them.
I thought this would be easy but it was not it was very hard.
My next step is to maybe see a real life animal and  experiments on them learn more about them.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5

On Tuesday I went swimming with my 2 teacher's Mrs. M and Mr. W.

 While we were doing our SDL Mr. W told us dolphins it's time to go swimming.  We raced into the cloak bays and got our swimming togs and lined up. Mr. W gave the instruction to walk down to the pool.

When we got there Mr. W open the gates.  Every one raced into the changing rooms and quickly got changed.   When everyone got out we did a warm up.  First we stared kicking our feet in the pool and the kicks got bigger and bigger and bigger then small again.  We did that for some time.

Then we got into the pool safely we stared from one end and worked our way down. When everyone was in the pool ,we started running around the pool. We  jumped liked kangaroo's and being airplanes then we stopped.

We were learning how to glide our self across the pool. First we try gliding our self to get the idea Second we hock our toes to the bar and try and float lastly we do a gliding race to test if we been listening. After that we got to do a swimming race in the first round I cam 1 first in the last found I did not know what place I came I did not know how may laps we were doing.

After all that we got to have free time. We got to do what we want in the pool if we wanted to we could get out of the pool and change and go back to class. After that free time every one got out of the pool and changed.  To make the time speed up we the girls and boy race in changing and the first team to win goes out to lunch first. Everyone try's to win but the girls keep on winning . After we go back to class tidy up ready for lunch.

Features in Fairy Tales language

I was learning to Features in Fairy Tales language.
I thought it would be hard because I am not good at Features in Fairy Tales language.
My next step is to learn more about and teach others.

Introduction to Narrative writing

I was learning to do a introduction to narrative writing.
I had to watch videos and to do a frame work
I thought it would be hard because I thought i will get confused but it got 
easy when I followed the steps
I chose to share my learning by creating by a goggle doc because it simple and easy to use.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Determining Credibility

I was learning to Determining Credibility.
We had to look at a slideshow to give us a hint of what we are doing and to try to find wicth of the questions we believe I believe in number 2.
I thought it would be easy at first but it was very hard Because it really got my head thinking.
My next step is to try to find some Determining Credibility on web sties.

Narrative Writing

I was learning to do Narrative writing.
I had to learn the stutterer how to explain it.
I thought it was hard because it was very new to me
I had know Idea hot to it.
I chose to share my learning by creating a goggle doc.
My next step is to to learn more in it to get deeper thought
into it.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

Fantastic Friday 

On Friday we had Fantastic Friday again!

I went to rm 14 to carry on with my African bead work. It was fun but , It really pains me when the wire poke me it hurts . But it's the same nothing really change's.I was really hoping we could do like a slideshow to show to the school,but this so amazing  and exciting. 
But we got to use different beads like red and green ,gold and sliver, Just to make it stand out.

But  nothing really change.

It was amazing I always look forward to Fantastic Friday,And I can not believe it is already the 3rd week time goes fast.
 We only have 5 weeks of Fantastic Friday sad very sad ,I love Fantastic Friday it's so much fun . But I am doing great with my African bead work. 

My work is looking amazing, I am almost finish but I still need more beads on it and just make some little twinks but I am doing awesome job. 

 So this is the 4th week almost ending but I am so excited I am almost finish my greatest work ever , I can not wait for this week I am so exited.