Friday, 29 May 2015

I before e rule

This week we learnt about I before E rule.  I found this interesting.  I got a couple wrong because I did not look at them focused on my work so that is why got some wrong.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

blog recount

This  week Room 29 went to Te Tuhi.   It was amazing.  We went there because we were doing a matariki work shop about vertical gardens and we had 3 instructors Jerome,Karen and Te Aroha.  
First we had a bottle we had to cut to make room for our plant.  Second we had to to put  some decoration  so it can pretty we these little sticky things that we use to draw on then we stick it on our bottle.  Next we had to go and put some pumice in then we put some soil in next we got to choose our own plant I choose a purple flower.  Then we water them so they can grow. Finally we went to go look at some art I was amazed about the art work and when we knew that our art was going to be displayed  in te tuhi I was so excited that we going to have our own project displayed in te tuhi and  that we have video of us doing it.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Place value and Rounding and compersating

I am learning different strategies addition and subtractions problems.  I learnt rounding and compensating and P.V Partitioning. 
Place value was easy.  I perfer place value because you don't have to ask the question Too much or not enough in rounding and compensating. I got stuck on rounding and compensating because of the Too much or not enough it was really tricky to under stand. I enjoy this learning because I learnt something new.

Term 2 Week 5

Tints and shades 
For the past few weeks we been learning how to do tints and shades.  We got to choose witch color to use  I choose yellow.  In the middle we use our true color in the middle.  Then we add black to to make tints and we went down our page.  A few days latter we did our shade so we add some white to it then we made shades and we went up the page.  Next we let them to dry and that was our tints and shades.  I learnt how to do tints and shades I loved it so much I hope you try.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My groups script

In my group we had to do a script for our video and this is it we had really fun doing but it was hard work. We had to get the message out and give instructions out and we have bloopers. For our inquiry project for civil defense.

Identify Characters

I was learning to identify characters traits and compare characters based on these traits.
I had to find out there Physical,Social and Emotional.
T he easiest trait to find were emotional,Social because there was more info and I got into the story because, I was no into it until I got more info.
The hardest traits the physical  because they don't tell me how they look.

My Speech Brainstorm

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Term 2 Week 3

Science experiment
On Tuesday 6 people went to do a science with Miss Courser.  I was one of them it was cool!!.  We use water and corn flour it change into liquid but then is change into solid it was amazing.   I had the best time ever but it was a little bit mess when put in the corn flour in.  Miss Courser was the best teacher that tough me how to do SCIENCE!!.