Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Term 4 week 3


On Friday the seniors did Athletics. I was so excited I could just cry,I love sports my biggest dream is to be in the in the biggest sport event in the year do you know what it is ?(Olympics) I love sports and I am going to tell you all about my greatest day ever.

So on that day we split into our age groups which I was in age 10 and we had 4 things to do .

First I did soft ball throw it was fun but the annoying part is that I was so close to getting into the team so close anyway. 

 Next I did long jump it was amazing so much fun and I did a awesome job at that.

  Then my fav sprints we got into lanes and we raced I got into te top three every time and I got into the team how exciting is that I got into the team great I am in the top three. 

And last but not least high jump which i did great at but yet again I was so close to getting into the team so close but no I did not get in.

I had a great time and can not wait until next year to it again and maybe I can get into more than one team bye.

Name my Charter

I was learning to describe my grandpa I was inspired to know more about my grandpa because I do not talk about him often my next step is to get more info about my grandparents

Author Bias

I was learning how to write my own Author Bias on any topic I found it interesting because I thought it will be hard but it was nit my next step is to go on more advance learning.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Character Description

Mr Mustache 

Mr Mustache is a miserable man,who is solving crime as-usual.  He fights crime very well ( but he was very old.)  He has white hair like as white as a cloud.  He had a red lip as lava.  His police outfit as blue as the sky Mr Mustache is the most miserable person in the whole town.


I was learning how to do Division to get deeper thought into it I found this amazing because i learnt new things that I thought I would never learn my next step is to show it around teach other people.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Opinion our fact

I was learning how to tell what is a opinion our a fact I found this interesting because I thought it would be easy but it was not and my next step it try the next level above

Term 4 Week 2

Fantastic Friday

On Friday all the year 3,year 4,year 5 and year 6 we all got to choose 5 activates and the teacher chooses one. And these are the activates Glee,Bollywood dance, Sewing wool crafts, Vintage games, Cool Science, Traditional Sports, Ukulele and African Bead work.  Norah and I we went to do African bead work it was really interesting and I am going can bead work and to tell you all about African bead work.

When we got into our class room rm 14 we meet Mrs Howard. And she helped us to learn to do African bead work and about Africa .But first we learnt about the country it was amazing to learn about my home country. Did you know that I am from Africa. And then after we got to draw what is going to be our bead work and the theme is Christmas YAY!!

This Fantastic Friday will be the best and I can't wait for this week see you later bye

Tuesday, 13 October 2015



 I was learning to play Yahtzee I had to read the instructions play and have all at the same time we had to keep reading it over and over again I thought it was fun because I thought it will be hard because it is a maths game but it is really easy My next step is to have more time with it then less.

T 4 W 1

 My Holiday

For the past 2 weeks my holiday was so boring that what I thought it was but really  had the greatest time of my life.

What Happen with my dad
I went to work with my dad but I was very hot,we went so many places I go to see I went to far places for a week and Monday and Wednesday, and I even got ice blocks,  I had the best time ever with my dad.
What happen with my mum
When I stay with my mum on Tuesday,Thursday and Friday, we got to go to McDonald's I had a great time there, and I got to go shopping,and I got to make my hair, I did all of this fun in just 3 days wow, I had the best time with my mum. 

So my holiday might had been boring,for some people but sometime it's just best to stay home and spend time with your family.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Facts Finding in Non-Fiction Texts

 My Reflection 
I was learning to use the 5W finding the main ideas in the articles.  I used this information to write a summaries of the articles.  I thought it was easy and difficult in between to find some of the facts .  It was easy and hard the same in between to write the summary because it was just putting my notes into sentences.  My next step is to practice more at finding the main ideas.