Thursday, 30 July 2015

Kensukes Kingdom chapter 1 Peggy sue

My Reflection 
I leraned that you can do your own argument If you read Like a book magazine our anything 
I think this is good for my learning because I can think my own words 
My next step is to try to do this at my home and any where I go so I can get better and better at it

Explanation Logic order

My Reflection 
I think that I understand this but I need some help just to get a start because when I do understand sometimes I need a push to know what I am doing.
My Next step is to understand and to do this all on my own so that  I am doing SDL learning .

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Quaky cat

Room 29 went on a fled trip we made this it was really fun we use colour pec of paper glue and pens that are black and I learn some new things there i was really sad that we had to leave I want to visit  them again but i had amazing fun.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Identify the symbols for improper fractions


I was learning to Identify the symbols for improper fractions.
I had to watch videos and I had to play some games to have practice.
I thought it was a good thing to learn this because you need to use fraction in life.
I chose to share my learning by creating a video of me playing pacman this is a fraction one I was bad at this at first but I got better and Better I love fraction so much I could scream out loud
My next step is to learn how to to say the forward and backwards word sequences for halves, thirds, quarters, fifths and tenths

My Answer

  • What is an Improper Fraction?  A improper fraction is when the top number is bigger than bottom number.
  • What is a Mixed Fraction?   

  • Is a combination of a hole number and and a fraction
  • How do you change a Mixed Fractions to an Improper Fraction?

  • you multiply the bottom then we add the top with it then you put the new number 
  • How do you change an Improper Fraction to a Mixed Fraction?

  • We can change a improper faction into a mixed fraction by dividing the number on the top with the number on the bottom

Monday, 27 July 2015

Term 3 week 2

Last week we just came back to school I was so happy we just got get everything ready for next week we got to organize our week.

So we had to fill out these cards  and take a photo of our self and we wrote where we are at our SDL learning I was thinking I am going to be a level 3 I was hoping hoping I was thinking should I be A level 4 our level 3 but think I should b a level 3 and I should work my way up to level 4

So we just had to getting ready so the next week we are ready when I came to school my friends Deborah and Nadia came running they were like come int the class room come come you have to see this when I came I saw that I was a mentor my mouth was wide open I felt like a new person I was so happy I could just but yet again  I was in the class room .

 So that was a good week for me and this week I think I could just scream now but again I am in the class  room so see yu next week read my next blog post I still have more to do Bye.