Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Marvellous Medicine Recipe


My reflection 
I have been learning to write a recipe.

We read George's Marvellous Medicine and used this story to inspire our recipes.
I found this tricky because there were a lot of ideas to chose I wanted to to chose but can only can chose 6.
My next step is to is to be more clear because I was not clear in my writing book.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

George's Marvellous Medicine

My Reflection

I have been learning to relate to the characters in the text.

We have been reading George's Marvellous Medicine.  I thought of some words to describe grandma from what I learnt about her in the story.

I found this difficult because the author had used so many words to describe and I wasn't sure which ones to choose.

My next step is to write a paragraph describing grandma using these words.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Identifying types of words


I have been learning to identify nous,verbs and adjective.
An adjective is a a describing word.  I found this tricky because some of them were pretty hard. My next step is to not get everything wrong.  

Friday, 7 November 2014

All about insects

My Refection

I found this work interesting because I learnt new things.
I would have liked to do more research about insect.
The best part of this is learning about insects and what they do.
My next step is to practice skimming and scanning.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My speech - TV is good for Children

My Reflection
I have been learning to write a persuasive speech.
A persuasive speech needs to have an intorodction,
a point of view, 3 reasons to back up your point of

I think i did a good job because there is a intorodction, 3  reasons and a conculion.

I found it was easy because i wrote one then another one.

My next step is to to make it more longer.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Daffodil Art

My Refection 
This is my Daffodil Art I work really hard on it and i am so proud of it my next step is to put more detail in it.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Grandpas slippers cloze Activty

We were reading Granpa's Slippers and I completed this Cloze Activity about the book.  I found this tricky because there were a lot of words to choose from and I got a bit confused.  Next time I will use the book more often to help me.  

Monday, 15 September 2014

Daffodil Poem


I have been learning to write a diamante poem.
This is my favourite piece of work because it is a daffodil and I love love daffodils and I put my hard work into it.  My next step is try an antonym diamante poem

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Volcano Art

In room 28/29 we did volcano art we had a lot of fun.  first we got a card board we put red yellow orange then drag it on the pec of paper, then we use a sponge and we put gold brown on it,then we got a tinny card board the did sig sags,then we glue our volcano on it and that art was really fun.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Cry of the Taniwha Prejudice


I have been reading a book called Cry of the Taniwha. I found this work challenging, because it was hard to think about how he behaves inside. My friend helped me to get this work done.   My next step is to get deeply into the character.

Rounding and compensating

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Kennings Poem


My fraction of a set

We are learning about unit fractions of a set.

One thing that worked for me was knowing my basic facts.

One thing that was tricky for me was
when the numbers are big and I don’t know the basic facts that go with them.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

My dream house Art


I was learning how to make a dream house using geometry shapes.  I found it  tricky because there are a lot of things to draw so it was really hard for me to decide what to draw in what box. My next step is to make my dream house in 3D.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday, 23 May 2014

My special place

My Reflection
I was learning how to add detail using my five senses.  One thing that work for me was using a brainstorm to organise my writing.  One thing that I could do well next time is find more words for the smells.  My overall I think I did well.

Understanding a Character's Impact

I was learning to understand the character's impact.  I think I did well for the Novel group.   I did a good job at finding the changes that Leslie caused.  My next step is to put more ideas from the story in my writing.  I think I went well.   I did need some help.  I am proud of my self.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Name Art

This is my Name Art. We you's warm and cold colours It was fun.   

Friday, 28 March 2014

My Mathletics silver certificate

I am very proud that I have won my  silver certificate. I am so close to have my Gold  certificate.
I have 1487 points I got it on 22 March 2014.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Comparing characters

I am learning to compare charters in the story.  It was hard to find the same and the different things.  I am proud that I got a lot a of things in my venn digram for Leslie and Jesse.  Im proud of my self.  

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wish You Were Here Art

This is my self-portrait that I painted at Te Tuhi Art Gallery.  It was Awesome YAY. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Recount postcard

My Reflection

I think that  I need to work on some more sequencing words. I think learning about this is going to help me with some more of my  sequencing words even it was hard I never give up.  My next step is to write more interesting words in my postcard.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Making and Breaking Numbers

I was learning that numbers  can be  make and broken  up in a number of different ways.  I found it  interesting because there were  different ways.  you can do+ - I found it cool.  My next step is to make it more changeling for me instead of easy and you's some more of  -.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Did you ever poem

My Reflection

I was learning how to write a Did you ever poem.  I felt confused when I was writing my did you ever poem.  The hard part was  to  get the words in order, and I needed some help with my nouns too.  I've could have sat next to a friend that can help me and listen to the teacher about the instructions.  My next step is to find what are nouns.

Monday, 10 February 2014

My welcome post

Hi My name is Abimbola. I'm from Nigeria. My favorites colour  is blue. This is my learning blog. I have a blog because it all about my learning.